We are a bunch of ultra hip female writers from across the globe, who were kind of getting uncomfortable with fiction getting too comfortable.

Finding books without profanity, over sexualised or gory scenes in them has become like mission impossible. Some resorted to middle-grade readers to avoid certain content.

It’s a sad truth that humans all around the world experience and normalise violence or sexualisation every day. Our writers will not include such elements in their content.

This is part of our ethos at Good Company Lit.

The good news is that we are not alone. This is what led us to the idea of starting a magazine for clean fiction.

So what is clean fiction exactly?

Glad you asked, or maybe you didn’t– I’ll tell you anyway. The reality is that you won’t find a generic definition for Clean Fiction.

The term itself is perceived in different ways, where some might call it “Christian fiction”. This is not the same. Clean fiction will not have any religious text in it unless the plot or character call for it. This is what makes it suitable for all religious backgrounds.

Does that make our content boring or plain? Absolutely not! Our contributors are incredible writers, poets and illustrators who will keep it fun, enjoyable but all clean.

Here’s a true story. One of our team members was editing for a publication one day and came across a submission that had foul language and profanity. Upon pointing it out to the writer, this was his response, “You’re an angel!”, to which she responded “Nope, I have children, and so do you!”

Now, we believe she was lucky to not have gotten into trouble this time. The truth is that profanity and unnecessary sexual scenes have become the norm in fiction. Even some Young Adult fiction has gone beyond what most are comfortable with.

Pointing out how this type of content could make certain groups uncomfortable, either makes you an angel or a party pooper. We’re neither, we’re just the cool ones who’ve got your back and want reading to be a pleasant experience without having to worry about the content.

At Good Company Lit, clean fiction is fiction that doesn’t shy from discussing any topic, be it; cultural, political, historical, sociological, personal, domestic, mental health, trauma, abuse of any sort, however, we aim to do this in a way that doesn’t cause any type of discomfort to the reader. Looking at you fellow empaths 🙂

Don’t give up on finding a good read, yet. We aim to provide a safe, family friendly space for everyone.
You and your family, young and old are in Good Company because our content is purposeful, uplifting and most importantly clean.

We spread hope, love and acceptance. We suggest an alternative to whoever is looking for one.

How many times have you lost yourself in a book? In Good Company Lit you’ll finally find yourself in a book.

Welcome to the team, you’re in Good Company.