We are each a miracle 

An organic vessel 

Sixty percent water

A lump of protoplasm of various construction

Formed into organs Processing nutrients 

Cleansing waste 

Cycling oxygen 

Supported by a calcified structure 

All controlled by a network of proteins 

And beyond this Animated by a spark 

That cannot be seen or heard or touched 

Yet which propels us 

To think, and imagine, and dream 

Mourn and hope and love 

Can such a machine 

Be anything short of miraculous?

Can we look at the rocks and trees 

Streams and oceans 

Sky and clouds 

And not see we are both part of 

And unique among Existence? 

Possessing the power 

Not merely to reproduce 

But to pass down our collective history 

Expressing feeling in poetry, music, sculpture, paint 

Touching the lives of generations yet unborn 

Possibilities and capabilities unheralded In the palm of our hands 

For we are humans 


And thus 


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